Spotify Pie Chart Feature is Back, But What About Apple Music?

In recent news, Spotify has brought back its popular pie chart feature, which allows users to see a breakdown of their music listening habits. This feature has been a favorite among Spotify users and its return has been welcomed by many. However, the lack of a similar feature on Apple Music may leave some users feeling left out.

Spotify Brings Back Pie Chart Feature for Music Listening Habits

Spotify users can once again enjoy the beloved pie chart feature that displays their music listening habits. This feature had been temporarily removed in 2020, which left many Spotify users disappointed. However, Spotify has now reintroduced it and users can once again see the percentage of time they spend listening to different genres, artists, and podcasts. This data is displayed in an easy-to-read format, which makes it a fun and useful tool for users who are interested in learning more about their listening habits.

Apple Music Lacks Pie Chart Feature

While Spotify has reintroduced its pie chart feature, Apple Music users are left without this useful tool. Apple Music does not currently offer a pie chart or any similar feature that shows users a breakdown of their music listening habits. This may leave some Apple Music users feeling left out or wishing they could see how much time they spend listening to their favorite genres or artists.

This difference in features between the two streaming services has been a topic of discussion among music enthusiasts. Some argue that the lack of a pie chart feature on Apple Music is a major downside, while others claim that it is not a necessary feature and that Apple Music offers other useful tools for music discovery and curation.

What Can Apple Music Users Do?

Although Apple Music does not have a pie chart feature, there are still ways for users to see some information about their music listening habits. Apple Music offers personalized playlists based on listening habits, and users can also view their listening history. Additionally, there are third-party apps and tools that can provide some insight into music listening habits for both Spotify and Apple Music users.

For example, is a popular music tracking website that allows users to scrobble their music listening activity from various services, including Spotify and Apple Music. This website offers a range of features that allow users to see their listening habits, including a tag cloud that displays the most commonly listened to genres, artists, and tracks.

Another option is the app called “Music Year in Review,” which provides a personalized report on users’ music listening habits for the year. The app allows users to connect their Spotify or Apple Music account and generates a detailed report that includes information such as the total time spent listening to music, the most listened to artists and genres, and the user’s favorite songs.

In conclusion, while the lack of a pie chart feature on Apple Music may be disappointing for some users, it does not detract from the overall usefulness of the platform for music discovery and curation. Personalized playlists based on listening habits and the ability to view listening history are just some of the features that make Apple Music a great option for music lovers.

Additionally, there are third-party apps and tools available that can provide users with valuable insight into their music listening habits. Whether you use Spotify, Apple Music, or any other music streaming service, these tools can help you discover new music, learn more about your listening habits, and enhance your overall music experience.


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