Inarius – The Fallen Angel of Sanctuary

Inarius is a pivotal character in the Diablo universe, known as the “Fallen Angel of Sanctuary.” His actions had a significant impact on the creation of the world and led to the events that set the stage for the games. In this article, we will explore Inarius’ early life, his role in the creation of the Nephalem, his betrayal and exile, and his legacy in the Diablo universe.

Early Life and Creation

Inarius was born as an angel in the High Heavens, where he was tasked with creating a new world. During his work, he met Lilith, a demon of immense power and beauty. Despite their differences, they fell in love and decided to create a new world together. This world would eventually become Sanctuary.

Together, Inarius and Lilith created the first humans, the Nephalem, who possessed great power and strength. However, their creation was considered a blasphemy by the High Heavens and the Burning Hells, who saw it as a violation of the natural order. Inarius and Lilith were warned that their actions would have dire consequences, but they ignored the warnings and continued with their plan.

Role in the Creation of the Nephalem

The Nephalem were the offspring of angels and demons, possessing incredible powers that surpassed those of their parents. Inarius believed that the Nephalem would be the perfect race to rule over Sanctuary. However, Lilith had her own plans. She wanted the Nephalem to be able to reach their full potential and become even more powerful.

Lilith secretly created the Worldstone, which she believed would help the Nephalem achieve their full potential. Inarius, fearing that the Nephalem would become too powerful and threaten his control over Sanctuary, destroyed the Worldstone and exiled Lilith to the Void.

Betrayal and Exile

Inarius’ actions led to a great war between the angels and demons, which resulted in the creation of the Prime Evils. Inarius, disillusioned with the conflict, decided to leave the Heavens and take the Nephalem with him to Sanctuary. He also convinced Lilith to join him, but she had her own plans.

Lilith’s plan was to create a new race of demons using the essence of the Nephalem. Inarius discovered her plan and betrayed her to the Burning Hells, leading to her exile in the Void. Inarius’ actions caused a rift between the angels and demons, leading to centuries of war and suffering in Sanctuary.


Inarius’ actions had significant consequences for the Diablo universe. The destruction of the Worldstone led to the weakening of Sanctuary’s barriers, making it easier for demons to invade. Inarius himself went into hiding, and his eventual fate is unknown.


The character of Inarius is one of the most important figures in the Diablo universe, and his actions have had far-reaching consequences that continue to shape the world of Sanctuary. His story is one of love, betrayal, and the dangers of unchecked power, serving as a warning to all those who would seek to manipulate the forces of creation and destruction.

While Inarius’ fate remains unknown, his legacy lives on in the ongoing conflicts between angels and demons, and in the ongoing struggle of the Nephalem to find their place in a world torn apart by war and chaos. As players of the Diablo games continue to explore the depths of Sanctuary and uncover its many secrets, the story of Inarius remains a vital part of the mythology of this iconic gaming franchise.


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